Areas of Application for Portals

A central aspect of portals is the diversity of application areas. No matter what industry your idea is anchored in, there is almost always potential for a portal.

There is a lot of potential in the tourism industry as the income per visitor can be very high. Customers often reorient themselves regarding their holiday destination and are constantly looking for suitable accommodation or activity options. The targeted search with the right filters enables the visitor to quickly find the right offers and make a decision.


Finding the right service provider can be very time-consuming for visitors. Comparisons are easy to make with discoverize portals and reviews from other visitors provide good information. Nowadays it is very important to present yourself online, especially in the service sector. For many small businesses without their own website, an portal is a good, uncomplicated solution to make themselves visible among other companies. This means a good market for customer acquisition for the portal operator.

The wellness and health industry is growing steadily and rapidly, which means there is a high potential for portals. The different areas of this industry are individual and there are clear boundaries/niches. Here too, visitors benefit from transparent reviews and a clear geographical overview.

In the area of ​​leisure, you can plan well and for the long term. The margins here can be very high: Annual membership fees or constantly renewing memberships motivate entry operators to acquire new customers. Companies that are not yet present online have the opportunity to present themselves in the portal that is right for them. This means that the portal operator can attract new customers and the companies receive suitable inquiries with an entry in the portal.

Finding the right setting for an event is an important task. In the entertainment sector, there is high potential for income through premium entries, especially in B2B. This offers smaller companies in particular the opportunity to achieve visibility and a high reach. The customer can search, find and compare them directly.

  • Musicians, Bands
  • Organizer, Catering
  • Clubs, Discos
  • Art Galleries
  • Experience Events

Further training, workshops and conferences are central to employee development and personal growth. Here too, the B2B sector is a lucrative niche for a portal. The ability to compare the different providers directly and find the right company using map and property filters is an advantage for both sides. Qualified inquiries and direct contact with the company facilitate communication and thus produce better results.

  • Language Schools
  • Instructor
  • Driving Schools
  • Tutoring
  • Surf Schools
Versatility of the portal software

Portal Types

Depending on the configuration of a portal, different scenarios can be covered:

Point of Interest Portals

The focus here is on finding points of interest on the map or in specific areas. Example:

Advertising Portals

Buyers and sellers come together in these portals. Example:

Service provider portals

These portals support communication between service providers and customers. Example:

Exclusive portals

Only exclusive entries selected by the portal operator are listed here. Example:

Start my Business Portal


Further portal examples and operators can be found under references.
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