Features of the branch portal software

discoverize is constantly evolving software. We adapt the functions with feedback and requests from our portal operator. We are also developing new features that are geared to the changing needs of the market.

the 3 most important functions of the branch portal software

The Core Components

SEO Optimization – Organic Traffic

The most important component for the success of an branch portal is reach and visibility on the Internet.

That is why we have placed a strong focus on first-class search engine optimization (SEO). From automatically created and keyword-optimized search pages to cross-linking to SEO fine-tuning.

Combined with the focus on a branch or niche, the portal can quickly score here.

Branch-specific, individual configuration

In order to be able to address the target group with the branch portal as precisely as possible, the software maps the branch or region in several areas.

Branch-specific properties and search filters, individual evaluation categories, keywords and text modules geared towards the target group clearly convey to visitors and companies that this portal is made for them.

Integrated premium business model

In order to ensure the monetization of the portal and long-term growth, the third focus is on the premium business model.

This, too, can be individually tailored to the branch and its company and adapted at any time.

Billing and renewal are automated. We see a cancellation rate of less than 5% per year on the portals.

organic traffic through SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Regional Portals

Improvements for regional portals: optimize relevant areas, links on search page etc. for regional portals.

Info on Regional Portals

Branch-specific keywords

Up to 2 main keywords can be defined, which best capture the company or the branch.

more about SEO

Content Blocks for Search Pages

In order to improve the search engine ranking, a separate content block for explanation can be created on each search page (area and property).

more about content blocks

Property Search Pages

The system automatically generates keyword-optimized search pages for all SEO-relevant properties.

more about search pages

Combined Search Pages

The system also automatically generates search pages for the combinations of areas and properties. These are then optimized for the 2 keywords.

Search Pages for Areas

The system automatically generates keyword-optimized search pages for all areas: i.e. countries, federal states, tourist regions, towns and districts.

to the search pages

SEO Fine Tuning

In order to improve the presentation in the search engines, the text modules for the individual page types can be individually adapted in the administration.

more about SEO


When renaming properties, for example, redirects to a new URL are automatically created.

more about forwarding
extensive monetization option

Premium Business Model

Adjustment of Prices

Prices and terms can be adjusted at any time – you can also set whether the new prices only apply to new customers or also to existing customers.

more about Premium

Automatic Invoicing and Dispatch

After booking (and again after the term has expired), invoices that are correct in accounting are automatically created and sent to the customer and portal operator.

more about invoicing

Advantages for Premium Customers

There are many advantages for the premium entry. Among other things, you will be displayed higher up on the search page and appear in the premium block of the competition.

more about Premium

Free Basic Entry

The basic entry is free of charge in order to guarantee the highest possible coverage and thus range.

Display of Prices

It can be set whether annual or monthly prices or gross or net prices are set.

more about prices

Individual Packages

The prices and terms can be set individually and thus geared to the companies in the branch.

more about the packages

Individual Conditions

Discounts or special conditions can be stored for each customer.

more about individual conditions

Right of Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal can be set individually.

more about the right of withdrawal

Overview of Premium Earnings

In several tables you get an overview of the income with Premium.

more about the revenue
The Core of the Branch Portal

Branch-specific Properties

12 Property Types

Any number of individual properties from a total of 12 different types can be created: yes / no, multiple selection, number, link, etc.

more about the property types

Useful Properties

Important properties can be highlighted for better user guidance.

to the useful properties

Premium Properties

Properties can be created in such a way that they can only be filled in by premium entries.

more about properties
Expand niche further

multiple entry types

Create Entry Types

Portal operators can add any type of company to their portal. These can be configured individually.

more about the property types

Change Entry Type Yourself

The entry type can easily be created and changed in the management via the list of entries. This is particularly helpful in the early stages.

more about change entry type

Customizable SEO Settings

You can optimize the SEO settings for all entry types. So you can create the templates for the meta description and the title of all entry-specific page types for each entry type.

to the SEO settings

Premium for Every Entry Type

On branch portals with several entry types, it is possible to define the premium products and premium packages individually for each entry type.

more about Premium per entry type

Customizable Application Forms

This allows you to create tailor-made request forms for each branch on branch portals with several businesses, e.g. B. on a portal for hotels and restaurants

to customizable application forms

Individual Map Section

The data structure of areas / locations and map sections can be adapted so that all areas can have their own settings (e.g. map section per entry type).

more about individual map sections

Events and Meetings

As a portal operator, you can create a special entry type event. Ideal for timed entries such as events, workshops and training courses. Can be filtered and sorted by date in the search.

more about events and meetings

Linking Entries

The property type links allows portal operators to create links between companies and other entries on the branch portal. For example between coaches and workshops, yoga studios and yoga teachers. The linked entries are then also displayed on the respective entry page.

more about linking entries in the branch portal

Child entry types and property inheritance

Child entry types make it possible to create entry types that are very dependent on a parent entry. Example: Events or courses as children of sport studios

more about children's entry types
Germany - Europe - worldwide

Multilingualism (alpha)

Internationalization and multilingualism

In the second sprint, we continued to work on making the entire area for managing a company translatable or multilingual. Specifically, the translatability of company entries.

further to multilanguage

Adapt texts and translations

Editing all customizable text blocks. In the future, German portals will also be able to adapt and edit the text blocks if necessary.

read more texts and translation

Multilanguage on the search page

Multilingual search page. The search page is the most complex page on the discoverize industry portals, as a wide variety of search filters such as areas, properties and also free text can be combined there. All filters should continue to work for searches in all languages ​​of the portal. The search results, lists and links are then displayed in the desired language.

more about progress
user-friendly operation

Interactive Map

Open Street Map

By using your own Open Street Map Server, there are no fees for using the map, such as with Google Maps.

more about Open Street Map


If too many companies are placed in a confined space, we show a cluster marker so that you can zoom in further.

more about clusters

Initial Map Section

In order to optimally pick up visitors, you can specify the initial map section on the search page.

more about map sections

Companies Nearby

By querying the visitor’s geographic coordinates, they can display the appropriate companies in the vicinity.

more about GEO coordinates
helpful feedback from visitors


Individual Evaluation Criteria

In order to receive as branch-specific feedback as possible from the visitors, any individual evaluation criteria can be created and evaluated.

about the evaluation criteria

Management of Ratings

Reviews can be activated or rejected according to various rules.

more about the administration

Notes for Companies

Reviews can be activated or rejected according to various rules.

more for companies

Turn off Reviews

If reviews are not interesting for the portal, you can switch them off completely.

more about reviews

Aggregated Ratings

Reviews from external sites can be displayed in the branch portal.

more on aggregated reviews

Filter by Ratings

Visitors can filter companies according to the overall rating and according to all individual evaluation criteria on the search page.

more about filtering by ratings
manage additional content

CMS and Blog

Extensive Blog Infrastructure

News, tips and other content from the branch can be presented in the blog.

to the blog

Create Content Pages Yourself

Portal operators can create new pages in their branch portal themselves.

for explanation

Cross-Linking Blog and Search Pages

Blog posts can be linked to any search pages (area and property) and are displayed there as a teaser.

more about blog posts


The blog can be subscribed to via RSS.

Custom Dynamic Texts

Certain important text modules can be set specifically for the portal.

for documentation

Comprehensive HTML Templates

There is a wide range of layout and design templates for the content blocks and static pages.

Edit content in the Richt-Text-Editor

Upload of Documents

Portal operators can upload any document (pdf, doc, etc.) and offer them to visitors or companies for download.

Upload documents to the branch portal

Freely fillable content block on the blog page

The new content block can be filled via the portal management in the blog settings.

more about blog page content block
up-to-date and secure


Change of terms and conditions / privacy policy

The change in the terms and conditions or data protection declaration can result in a confirmation from the company.

more about data protection

GDPR compliant

The storage of the data and the structure of the portal meet the legal requirements (no legal advice).

more about GDPR

Consent to cookies (GDPR compliant)

Cookie consent tools must prevent the use of non-essential cookies and similar technologies as long as the website visitor has not given their consent.

more about cookie consent solution

Anonymized IPs

The IPs of the visitors are anonymized for data protection reasons.

more about IPs

Interfaces and Connections

Property type - integration (shop)

External content can now be integrated for individual companies. There is also the new property type Integration. This allows z. B. Integrate shops, timetables, booking pages and any other external pages that provide further information on the listed companies.

more about the entry type - integration


With the values ​​entered by the user, all configured availability providers are requested. The best results are then displayed to the visitor.

more about availability

Interface for retrieving rating data

Portal operators and authorized persons can now access rating data from the portals via a separate interface.

more about the interface

Entry API: Enable or disable entries

The status of entries can be changed via special endpoints. Deactivated entries only appear in the portal management, not in the user frontend

more about the entry API
Data from and into the system

Import and Export

Export of the Company

All companies can be exported with extensive information (properties, statistics, etc.).

more about export

Export of Image Data

When exporting company entries, images can now also be exported in order to e.g. B. to use outside of the branch portal.

more about image export

Import of Data

Company data, editorial reviews and images can be imported into the system (with Excel or csv).

more about import

Export of Search Pages

All search pages can be exported for e.g. Ads campaigns.

for documentation
Portal Management


Web based

The administration of the portal as well as the company takes place via the web and can be opened password-protected in any browser.

Web based administration

Management on Mobile Devices

The view and usability of the administration area for entry and portal operators on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have been significantly improved.

further information

Edit Company

The information about the companies can be entered in the administration and pictures can also be uploaded.

more about company administration

Companies manage themselves

Companies can manage themselves with their own access.

own administration

Business proposals

Visitors and companies can suggest new or not yet listed companies.

Manage suggestions

Editing Regions

Regions can now be changed, created and deleted. Thus, regions and search pages are perfectly tailored to the respective branch.

Edit regions
informative overview


Portal Statistics

From page views to visitors, length of stay and activities of the visitors, we show an overview of the most important metrics in the portal.

more about portal statistics

Standard / Premium Statistics

The display of the comparison of visitor activities between the basic and premium entry is helpful for marketing and selling premium entries.

more about statistics

SEO Performance

We show the development of the ranking and the performance in Google: clicks, impressions, CTR, position.

more about SEO

Company Statistics

The metrics of the visitors can also be evaluated for each individual company and can be displayed in their administration area.

more for companies
user-friendly for optimal interactions


Individual Design

The design of the branch portal is individually tailored to the target group.

more about the design

Mobile, Responsive Design

All pages are user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, etc.

more about the design

Free Text Search with Suggestions

The free text search automatically finds the right search pages or entries and presents suggestions.

more about free text search

Sticky Header

The header area scrolls down with the content so that the navigation can be reached quickly at any time.

more about stick headers

Search Page Layout

The initial layout (map, list) can be set and also adapted by the visitor.

more about the layout

Individual Invoices

The invoices for Premium are branded with a logo and can also be designed.

more about the bills
future-proof and proven


HTTPS via TLS (SSL) encryption

All pages in the portal are delivered via HTTPS.

more about HTTPS

Server Location Germany

All of the servers we use are located in Germany.

more about the server

Daily Backups

All portals are backed up daily so that a broken portal can be started up again within minutes.

more about backups

Comprehensive Monitoring

We are informed of any problems that arise and deal with them immediately if necessary.

more about monitoring


Adjustments to your own portal are possible at any time; We also implement completely new features promptly.

more about customizing

Recaptcha and Turnstile (beta)

It can now be activated on the main inquiry forms of your industry portal Google Recaptcha or Turnstile (beta).

more about Recaptcha
more reach through content from visitors

User Generated Content

External Evaluations

Integration of external evaluations, in particular to facilitate the creation of the portal in the beginning with valuable additional content.

more on aggregated reviews


Visitors leave ratings and comments on companies.

to reviews

Visitor Photos

Visitors can upload their own photos to companies.

to visitor photos

Individually Configurable Request Form

The request form to the companies can be expanded to include any fields so that the correct information can be requested.

to the inquiry form

Public Questions and Answers

In addition to the inquiry form, public questions can also be asked. These can be answered by other visitors or the company.

Questions and answers for visitors

Suggestions for Improvement

Visitors and companies can submit suggestions for improvement in the event of inadequate or outdated information.

more about suggestions for improvement
Sorting on the search page

Ranking and Points

Sorting by Points

The standard sorting on the search page is based on points that the company receives for the following areas.

more about sorting

Sorting by Distance

You can sort by distance on the search page. This allows visitors to display the closest companies with the distance to their own location.

more about sorting by distance

Points for Completeness

If all information is stored and at least one picture has been uploaded, the company receives 100 points.

more about completeness

Points for Ratings

The company receives up to 100 points for reviews.

more about the ranking

Points for Premium

Premium entries receive 200 points and are therefore always sorted before the basic entry.

more about Premium

Individual Points

Any number of additional points can be awarded to each company individually.

more about additional points
basic setting options


Advertising Portal

In the advertisement portal, the entries (advertisements) expire after a certain period of time. For advertisement portals, sales brokerage, etc.

more about the advertising portal

Multiple Entry Types

Several types of companies in a branch can be displayed in the branch portal with their own properties, keywords and filters.

more about entry types

Email Settings (smtp)

Your own e-mail address can be set for sending e-mails.

to the e-mail settings

Email Blacklist

If spam or abuse occurs, the email or IP can be blocked with the blacklist.

to the e-mail blacklist

Customize email texts

Portal operators can customize email texts. This allows them to be made more individual and personal and adapted to the usual style and “tone” on the portal.

more about email texts

Include Scripts

Tracking, partners, newsletters or other scripts can be integrated globally.

more about the scripts

Static Map as Fallback

For companies that have not uploaded a picture, the card can be activated as a placeholder.

more about the static map

Call To Actions according to forms

After successfully submitting a form (request, rating, uploading a photo), the visitor can see pop-ups with individual content.

more about CTAs

URL Forwarding

When properties or entries are renamed, the system sets up automatic forwarding.

more about forwarding

Background Images for Businesses

In addition to the standard display, the entry page can also be provided with a background image.

more about wallpapers

Compare entries

The comparison feature can be activated for every entry type. Then visitors can activate entries on the search page or the listing page for comparison. The selected entries are then displayed side by side in a table on the comparison page.

more about comparing entries


Visitors can add entries to the favorites list. On the search page and the entry page, entries can be selected or deselected for favorites. These are then clearly displayed on a special favorites page.

more about favorites

Award settings

For honor or other awards you can customize the texts yourself and upload a logo.

more about award settings
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