Please note: The implementation of multilingualism is currently still in beta and is not yet available on all portals.

As part of multilingualism, l text resources on discoverize portals can be adapted. This also applies to portals that only support one language.

The process differs between default texts and user-generated texts. Default texts are texts that are available on every portal. User-generated texts are only created by the portal operator. These are e.g. entries or content pages.

Origin of text resources

Text blocks can come from different sources and there are four different states:

  • DefaultText
    • These text blocks contain the default text blocks, which are identical on all portals.
    • These texts are usually defined at the time the portal is being developed and are not portal-specific.
    • The automatic translations are generated from the DefaultText text module.
  • InitialText
    • Initial text for user-generated content, e.g. B. Entries or content in content blocks.
    • The text module usually gets the InitialText status in the language in which it was first created.
    • The automatic translations are generated from the initial text module.
  • ManualText
    • When DefaultText text modules or automatic translations are edited, they get the status ManualText.
  • AutomaticTranslation
    • Blocks of text that have been automatically translated.

Notes for text updates (out-of-date flag)

Changing texts may affect other text resources that depend on those texts. This can happen, for example, if a default text has changed in the portal but has already been adapted by the portal operator. The manually adjusted text may no longer match the semantics of the adjusted default text. Therefore, the manually adapted text module is marked with the isDirty flag (is-no-longer-current flag). As a portal operator, you can then regularly check all existing text resources to see whether there are resources with the isDirty flag. If so, these can be changed or saved again. The isDirty flag is then reset.

Further details can be found on the Outdated Texts page.

Editing specific text resources

These states are important for the workflows for manual and automated translations. On the following pages you will find details about the respective text categories and information on how they can be adapted. Here you can often find further details about how the states change when editing text blocks.


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