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Bernhard - Betreiber Branchenportal Software discoverize -

“With the help of discoverize, I was able to build a new mainstay as an advertising agency without much technical effort. It got off to a quick start and the commission model enabled me to save high development costs in advance. I have become more flexible in terms of work and can spend more time with my family. “

Bernhard Fichtenbauer, portal operator of Hochzeits-Location.Info

Branchenportal Betreiber Erwin -

“With little risk, I was able to get started with discoverize and within a few days. There are now over 745 children’s hotels registered in my business portal and the number of visitors is steadily increasing. “

Erwin Oberascher, portal operator of

Betreiber eines Branchenportals - Svenja

“I was happy to have found a simple and extensive industry portal solution with which I could implement our wedding car portal. The entire administration takes place online and does not require any prior technical knowledge. “

Svenja Bamberger-Frick, portal operator of

“After the first meeting, we were already impressed by the uncomplicated communication with discoverize and the technical possibilities of the software.” New yoga teachers join our platform every day and the requirements are not decreasing. We are very happy to work with Discoverize because there are always new developments that we can use very well for our portal. “ success story

Maria and Sandro, portal operators of

“Georg and I have been running a fitter room portal since 2011. As a small company, however, it is time-consuming and costly to keep your own CMS up to date with the latest technology in addition to your daily work. We became aware of the discoverize software by chance and were enthusiastic in every respect from the start. We were particularly impressed by the very intuitive operation of the application, both in the front end and in the back end. “ – a stroke of luck change

Florian Böttger, portal operator of

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Erwin Oberascher, Managing Director of Thematica GmbH:

Our experiences: “I have been running tourism internet portals for almost 20 years. During this time I got to know many systems. At that time, we started with in-house developments, later we relied on external developers on a contract basis. At the start, both devoured large and difficult to calculate sums that we did not know whether we would ever earn again. Everything went well, but it wasn’t as if we were “finished” with our software at some point.

Why we work with discoverize: In order to keep up with the competition, we constantly needed smaller and larger improvements: new features, bug fixes, monitoring, etc. We realized that software for a platform would never be a one-time investment. On the contrary, we had high development and IT costs month after month, with no foreseeable end. That is why we launched our platform 6 years ago on the basis of discoverize, as one of the first websites to run on this system. The technical and economic success made us launch more portals over the years. There are now more than 10.

Erwin Oberascher and his team

Erwin Oberascher is the managing director of Thematica GmbH and, together with 6 employees, operates a total of more than ten platforms based on discoverize.
For example:,,, oder

The advantages of discoverize: Discoverize costs us less than our monthly IT expenditure at the time. Above all, I think it is essential that there is no need for an initial investment. We were able to start the platforms without any initial risk and, moreover, act faster than any competitor on the market. We also see the focus on technical SEO matters as a strong plus. We would never have been able to achieve or finance these sophisticated structures with our own software. Our team now consists of 7 people. We deal with editing, content and marketing for the various portals. Hosting, monitoring and, above all, constant technical development are the responsibility of discoverize. Our team reports any bugs and speaks to the developers of discoverize from time to time about new features, the rest is in the cloud. We have been working exclusively with discoverize on all of our portals since 2018, thereby achieving significant increases in efficiency and synergy effects. The year-on-year increase in sales is currently around 100%.

Our tip: We can recommend the full content of the software to potential new portal operators. But we also want to point out that the success of any platform depends heavily on the quality of the content and dedicated online marketing. The platform operators must take this task seriously. In addition, a realistic time horizon should be planned. No platform will generate high returns within a year (at least we haven’t made it yet ;-)). ”

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