Roadmap for discoverize portal software

discoverize portals are intended to be the central contact point for companies and their customers in the respective industry. We want to enable portal operators to build a long-term growing business.

What functionality and features are coming next and are planned for the long term?

Goals for the discoverize Portals

For Portal Operators

Convenient and easy management of the portal. Precise adjustment to the needs of your own industry. Facilitating and supporting premium distribution.

For Companies

Opportunity to acquire new customers. Attractive presentation of your own company with all the characteristics relevant to the industry. Increase reach through premium listings.

For Visitors

Find the right company and get in touch easily and simply. Comparability of companies in an industry with characteristics, images and reviews.

What are we Currently Working on?

Range, individualization


In several stages we are implementing the possibility of using and visiting the portal in different languages. Phase 1: Texts editable

User experience

Mega dropdown and inspiration

The free text search is getting an update: We are displaying more interesting content and an additional block with inspiration for the search.

User experience

Entry Operator Dashboard Redesign

Improved usability, better overview of metrics and the performance of the entry

User Experience

Caroussel for Images on the Search Page

To make the search page even more interactive and attractive, we add a carousel (see entry page) to the images.

User experience

Redesign of the Entry Page

Redesign of the Entry Page: a fundamental modernization, including the use of more attractive images.

What are we Planning Next?

Individual Features


We implement individual adjustments for our portal operators as part of customizing. If you have any questions, please contact us.


SEO improvements

In an SEO sprint we want to implement improvements for search engines. The specific topics are based on feedback from evaluations using SEO tools and ideas and suggestions from portal operators.

Content, SEO


The entire portal should be able to be translated by the portal operator into any language that can be accessed using its own URLs. At the same time, existing German texts can be completely edited.

What is the Vision?

User Experience

Onboarding for Companies

Automatically sent emails for company onboarding. Possibly via an interface to email sending tools such as Mailchimp.

Entry Management

Automated Statistics to Companies

Depending on the setting, automated statistics can be created and sent to companies.

User Experience


The community should give visitors and companies even more incentive to visit the portal regularly. In the community everyone can exchange ideas on any topic. Through a smart link to the existing pages, we also expect an SEO boost.


Premium Improvements

Premium packages should be able to be designed even more individually. All currently available features can be divided into the packages. We also want to simplify registration and make it more attractive.

Overview of all already completed features and functions

What have we Already Achieved?

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