What Is a Portal?

Portals bring visitors, companies and portal operators together through the targeted focus on the market niche.

How do Visitors, Companies and Portal Operators Benefit?

Visitors can find the right company in the industry portal

By focusing on an industry, visitors can find the company that meets their requirements easily and conveniently

Industry-specific filters and properties as well as ratings help with the search.

Modern, user-friendly design with visually clear structures makes it easier for visitors to navigate the portal.

Companies gain new customers in the portal

Companies present themselves with information, images and ratings in the portal and thus increase their online visibility.

Companies receive qualified, industry-specific inquiries via an industry portal.

With the premium offer, companies can increase attention in the portal by a factor of 5-8.

Portal operators monetize the portal through premium entries

Portal operators generate long-term growing income with the built-in premium business model.

With an portal, portal operators build up or expand a line of business or start self-employment.

The industry as a whole and its companies can be presented positively and uniformly in an portal.

Explanation using the example of Kinderhotel.info

How Does a discoverize Portal Work?

A family with children is looking for a suitable, family-friendly hotel for their vacation. 

For the family (visitors)

On the search page, the family can adjust all filters individually, select desired properties and thus make a pre-selection.

In addition, the family can use the interactive map to navigate to the right holiday region.

The ratings and pictures of the children’s hotels make it easier to decide.

As soon as the right children friendly hotel has been found, the family can contact them using the inquiry form.

For the Kinderhotel (companies)

Hotels can register in the kinderhotel.info portal and store their information and pictures.

Each children friendly hotel has its own page on which it is presented with contact options, pictures, properties and ratings.

Families can contact the Kinderhotel via the inquiry form, the link to the homepage or by telephone.

Children friendly hotels can book a Premiumpackage in the portal and thus increase their reach.

For kinderhotel.info (portal operator)

Portal operators manage the entire portal with all settings, properties and children hotels via an easy-to-use web administration.

Through targeted online marketing and sales, kinderhotel.info has continuously increased sales – to €60,000/year within 4 years.

The discoverize team made a profitable portal possible. Thanks to the integrated premium business model and the comprehensive support.

Successfully market industries together online

The Advantages of an Online Portal

The complete, proven portal solution: premium entries, maps, filters, administration, community – and much more.

Focus on Market Niche

Build up a large reach in a short time by focusing on one target group.
The portal’s search engine optimized infrastructure ensures strong organic traffic. This can be viewed on the portal’s dashboard.

Improve SEO
Long-term business model

Rent risk-free and plan for the long term. Continuously developed software geared to the needs of the market and users.
Realize the portal as an additional business model or the start of self-employment.

more about the business model
Premium Business Model

The business model with premium entries has proven itself over the past few years. The prices and terms can be set individually. The system automates the sending of invoices.

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areas of application

Portals can be set up nationwide with a focus on one industry or regionally, e.g. as a city or region portal.
Tourism, service providers, education, B2B, leisure – everything is possible.

to our areas of application
We take care of the technical aspects

No prior technical knowledge is required. The software is web-based and intuitive to use. The discoverize team takes care of maintenance, servers, security and monitoring.

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know-how of the network

We collect the know-how and feedback of many different portal operators. The discoverize team provides support for all tasks related to the portal: from setting up the portal to marketing and sales.

Opinions of other portal operators

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