Why discoverize?

Discoverize offers the all-round package! Our software has been professionally developed and improved over the years. We have integrated the premium business model so that our customers can run successful business portals. Monetization is made easy.

Generate Income

Monetization through the premium business model

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Living software

Continuous and targeted further development at all levels

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Easy Work

Intuitive operation and support from discoverize

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Freedom and Independence

Low risk and a lot of creative freedom for all needs

Shaping the Line of Business


Individual, professional support from our team and the discoverize network

Common Way

Technical Advantages

Business-specific search engine optimization

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Monetization built in

Generate Income

The premium business model with many setting options is integrated.

Our subscription model guarantees that 95% of premium customers will be retained.

Automated invoices and renewals are integrated into the process flows.

In total, there are currently around 4,700 premium customers spread across all portals.

Further income opportunities are possible through affiliates or other partners.

Up to the demands of tomorrow

Lively Software for Planning Security


Discoverize provides a modern and extensive portal infrastructure. The software is always technically up to date and adapted to the needs of the market.

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Further Development

Aligned to the requirements of the market and our customers, we attach great importance to the continuous and targeted further development of discoverize. From data protection to mobile sites – we build software for the future.

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For all other, individual requirements, we offer our customers tailor-made software adjustments or new functions as part of customizing at any time.

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Take Off

Easy Work

Intuitive web management

The administration area of ​​the portal can be accessed via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The administration is clearly structured and adapted to the needs of our portal operators.

Individual properties and business-specific evaluation criteria are created and configured here.

Companies manage themselves

Both portal operators and listing operators have access to the listing page. Entry operators are, for example, companies that present themselves on the portal.

The web administration is also designed to be intuitive for companies. The entry is uncomplicated and possible without special prior knowledge.

Companies upload information and images here and can manage ratings.

Shaping the Line of Business


The portal can be started risk-free thanks to the SaaS model with monthly license fees.

Self-determined, flexible working hours and portal management from anywhere.

Monthly passive income and long-term growth through the integrated premium business model.

Together to Success

Partnership and Collaboration

We would be happy to advise you in advance on the choice of business with a professional business analysis and feedback from existing portal operators.

We support new portal operators in setting up and configuring the portal.

We also offer professional online marketing support. We help to make the portal known and visible.

The many years of experience of many other portal operators is a great advantage. Our network is always available for questions and comments.

Professional Software

Technical Advantages

Strong in the long tail

An extensive structure of landing pages enables detailed searches.


Strong search engine optimization for more organic traffic.

Market Niche

Discoverize backs on success by focusing on a specific industry.

Individual Adaptation

General design and special features can be customized.

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Information from the portal operator can be found under References.
We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

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